“Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime.” (Chinese Proverb)

At Heath Barrowcliff Consulting Limited we pride ourselves on “teaching our clients to fish” in the complex and ruthless world of commercial records storage.We provide a unique consultancy service specialising in the delivery of cost-saving, practical solutions and strategies for the selection, effective management and retention of commercial records storage contracts.

Our advice is based on experience gained from 26 years at senior management and director levels in the commercial records storage industry and from 18 years as a consumer of commercial records storage services. During this time we have gained first-hand knowledge of the potential pitfalls for organisations contracting with commercial records storage providers.

This intimate knowledge and understanding of the industry provides a unique and advantageous position that enables us to “cut through the sales fog” and provide expert, impartial advice based on real experience.

Our uniqueness also means that we are not simply cost consultants. Whilst ideally positioned to achieve the best price available, our core focus is to work with clients to secure an optimum balance between best quality and best value service provision to deliver robust and durable contracts that are mutually beneficial.

It is the development of long-term, operationally and financially viable relationships that drives our model, not merely the realisation of often counter-productive short-term gains.

Much more than cost neutral, our consultancy will be offset many times over by the potential savings we shall be able to negotiate and secure not just throughout the duration of the contract but long before the contract is even let.

We have recently provided advice to a premier global pharmaceutical company seeking to consolidate and relocate more than 1 million boxes in multiple off-site records storage facilities in the USA & UK. Working alongside their procurement team, our consultants identified further improvements that will enable the company to secure:

• fairer terms and conditions;
• substantial savings on ancillary and service charges;
• savings of more than £1 per box on annual storage charges; and
• significant operational efficiencies that will deliver increasing year-on-year savings.

These improvements were achieved subsequent to a comprehensive, competitive tender evaluation process by the pharmaceutical company. Our experience shows that such savings and efficiencies are readily achievable in the majority of cases, even at such an advanced stage. In this case, these savings will dwarf our consultancy fees by a ratio of more than 500:1 in year the first year alone.

If your organisation is looking to secure or re-negotiate a commercial records storage contract, we shall be delighted to arrange a mutually convenient no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation to explore the benefits we would expect to realise on your behalf.

Can you really afford “to fish” without us?

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