IT Implementation

Carefully selected technology solutions will facilitate good information governance, provide significant operational efficiencies, and enhance regulatory compliance. However, selecting the most suitable technology then delivering its full potential can be a complex process: implementation is as dependent as much on the appropriateness of the technology itself as forward planning and the provision of effective support, education and training.

Heath Barrowcliff Consultants have successfully completed a number of technology procurement and implementation projects for a range of software solutions including eTMF, eQMS, eArchives, and other content management technologies. It is important to ensure that technology vendors not only ensure regulatory compliance but also enable the establishment of an enduring and mutually successful business relationship.

Heath Barrowcliff Consulting works with clients to

  • evaluate, select, and audit the right technology and vendor
  • advise on balance between value, functionality,  and service provision
  • assess potential operational and compliance risk and remediation
  • assist with change management, processes optimisation, and governance frameworks
  • ensure that robust mechanisms are established to monitor optimal service delivery