Electronic Document & Records Systems

207171-20150225Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) are a key element in enabling the effective application of file classification schemes and records retention schedules.
A carefully selected EDRMS will facilitate good information governance and provide significant business benefits.
However, there is no single EDRMS that provides a solution to the specific needs of every organisation, so selecting the most suitable EDRMS and then delivering its full potential can be a complex process.
Whether the solution is the introduction of new EDRMS or enhancements to existing systems, HBCL can help and advise in the evaluation and selection of the most suitable technologies to address records and information management needs.
The introduction of new EDRMS is not in itself a records and information management solution: success is dependent as much on forward planning and selection of the most appropriate technology as it is on the provision of effective support, education and training.
HBCL can help provide that support with process and policy authoring, change management and workshops/training.