Commercial Records Storage Advice

207204-20150225Rather than utilise expensive office space for the long-term storage of records that are rarely accessed, many organisations use commercial records storage contractors to provide facilities off-site.With competition within the commercial records storage industry growing, it is increasingly essential to ensure that these facilities meet all applicable standards, and that commercial records storage vendors offer best value in terms of price and service and present fair terms and conditions.

HBCL offers expert and impartial advice on all aspects of commercial records storage including:

  •  site amd process audits and evaluations;
  • authoring and evaluation of tender documentation;
  • equitable contract terms and conditions;
  • cost containment and reduction;
  • practical advice and negotiation on service level agreements;
  • project management of transfers and the relocation of records collections; and
  • client/vendor “bridge-building” solutions for seamless asset tracking.

HBCL aims are to ensure:

  • fairness and value for money in the contracts and operation of commercial records storage arrangements of HBCL clients;
  • that vendors are able to fully honour their obligations and agreements in line with expectations;
  • that risks are mitigated and that exit strategies and all associated costs are pre-defined; and
  • delivery of solutions that enable HBCL clients to secure beneficial long-term client/vendor relationships that are reasonable and equitable for both parties.